The positions of Thousand Talents Program Professor, Hundred Talents Program Professor of CAS, 

Professor, Associate Professor, Postdoctoral Researcher, etc.

in the fields of Materials Science and Engineering , Optical Engineering, Opto-Electronic Technology are available in CMO, GUCAS.  Welcome domestic and overseas scientists and experts to join us.    


Thousand Talents Program


Generally the eligible candidates must have obtained overseas doctoral degree, aged no more than 55 years’ old in principle. During the tenure of office, the candidate shall work in China for no less than 6 months each year as well as meet the following qualifications at a minimum: Experts or scholars holding position equivalent to professorship at famous overseas universities or research institutions; professional technical talents with senior titles in famous international enterprises; enterprising talents in possession of self-owned intellectual property rights and mastery of core technologies, with experience in independent entrepreneurship at abroad, familiar with relevant industries and international rules.

Application Materials:

1. “Application Form”, “Application Form for Scientific and Technical Posts”
2. Personal CV, copy of diploma/degree certificate and other equivalent certifying documents;
3. Summary of research work & achievement and catalogue of patents & publications ;
4. Five representative theses which can reflect the applicant’s academic standard;
5. Copy of certificates of domestic or oversea employment and scientific achievement;
6. Three references from famous experts in the relevant research field;
7. Prospect and proposal for future disciplinary research and related demand.

Hundred Talents Program of CAS-Type A
 (Overseas Distinguished Talents)


1. Minimum 3 continuous years of overseas research experience after obtaining Ph.D. degree, normally under the age of 40; Age limit can be extended to 45 for exceptional candidates holding a position of Assistant Professor or higher or other equivalent positions in the well-known overseas universities or institutions.

2. Having strong scientific ethics and integrity, honest and trustworthy, practicing "rigorous scholarship", treating others with respect, good team player, dedicated to the development of China’s science, technology and economy.

3. Ability to propose basic, strategic and forward-looking research projects based on the correct understanding of the scientific trend in the field, ability to obtain and lead national scientific and technology projects which reflect the national strategic needs and the international frontiers of science and technology.

4. Experience of accomplishing projects as Principal Investigator or other key roles, leading the team to carry out research at international advanced level, and achieving remarkable progresses.

5. Ability to train young talents, to promote international academic exchange, and to collaborate with domestic and international scientists on research.

6. Knowledgeable in research fields, experience of making international advanced level research achievements, and publishing numerous influential papers in highly ranked journals, or mastering key technologies and possessing significant patents for inventions, ability to be chief scientist in the institute.

7. Working full time is required. 

 Application Materials:

1. Application form .
2. List of publications and corresponding citation information, five representative papers (electronic version) published in recent five years.
3. Scan copies of diplomas, employment letter, and certificates of accomplishments.
4. Two reference letters from renowned experts.
5. Proof of physical condition.
Hundred Talents Program of CAS-Type B
 (Domestic Distinguished Talents) 


1. Domestic work experience outside CAS in a senior professional position equivalent to the FULL Professor rank.

2. Generally under the age of 45, which can be extended for the exceptional candidates.

3. Experience of accomplishing projects as Principal Investigator or other key roles, and achieving remarkable progresses.

4. Having influence in the research fields, having long-term strategic thoughts, ability to lead a team on international frontier fields and make innovative achievements.

5. Knowledgeable in the research fields, having published a number of influential papers in SCI journals.

6. Having strong scientific ethics, honest and trustworthy, practicing "rigorous scholarship”, treating others with respect, dedicated to the development of China’s science, technology and economy.

 7. Having scientific integrity, good team player.

 8. Working full time is required.  

 Application Materials:

 The same as "Hundred Talents Program of CAS"-Type A


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