LiAlH4 has a theoretical hydrogen storage capacity of 7.9 wt % and starts to desorb hydrogen close to room temperature in the presence of suitable catalysts, making it a potential hydrogen storage medium for future hydrogen-fueled vehicles. However, the irreversibility of the dehydrogenation reactions of LiAlH4 under practical conditions restricts its application as a suitable hydrogen storage medium. Prof. Xiangfeng Liu's group reported a simple, effective and energy-efficient single-stage rehydrogenation procedure for Ti-doped LiAlH4 under relatively mild conditions, employing the alternative solvent dimethyl ether, Me2O. The Ti-doped LiAlH4 thus obtained demonstrates excellent dehydrogenation kinetics, releasing ca. 7.5 wt% hydrogen commencing at 80 ºC, making it an attractive candidate as a high performance hydrogen storage material.