Ion conducting Li2SiO3-coated lithium-rich layered oxide exhibiting high rate capability and low polarization

Enyue Zhao Xiangfeng Liu Hu Zhao Xiaoling Xiao * and Zhongbo Hu 

College of Materials Science and Opto-electronic Technology, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100049, P. R. China. E-mail:; Tel: +86 10 8825 6655 Tel: +86 10 8825 6328

Lithium-rich Li1.13Ni0.30Mn0.57O2 has been functionally modified with fast Li+-ion conducting Li2SiO3via a facile and novel method, based on the reaction between Ni0.35Mn0.65C2O4·xH2O and Si(OC2H5)4. Due to the unique Li2SiO3 coating layer which greatly improves the Li+ ion diffusion rate, Li2SiO3@Li1.13Ni0.30Mn0.57O2 exhibits outstanding rate capability, cycle stability and low polarization.